Protecting Kinshasa’s Vulnerable and Marginalised Girls

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Girls living and working on the streets of Kinshasa face multiple threats. With few choices, most turn to sex work as a means of earning a livelihood and are at extreme risk of sexual violence from street boys, public, police and the military.

This project is improving protection for Kinshasa’s vulnerable and marginalised street girls by providing them with support including a mobile “night-bus” outreach service offering access to medical and psychosocial support. A 24-hour drop-in centre is providing girls with a safe space to wash, leave their belongings and have a hot meal. We’re also running educational and recreational activities through the centre. There is a nurse and social worker for counselling, medical support and referral where necessary. During the course of the project, we will also reunify 100 girls with their families, where possible and desirable from both sides. Negative community attitudes towards street girls, including of street boys and police will improve through sensitization.

Jennifer-OrProtecting Kinshasa’s Vulnerable and Marginalised Girls

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