How you can help

Thank you for your interest in War Child Australia

War Child Australia is a small, all-volunteer operation. Our major objectives are to raise awareness of War Child’s work around the world, and to raise funds for War Child’s field projects. As such, the main thing we need from interested and supportive people like you is $$!  You could:

  • make a donation from your own pocket
  • fundraise money for us by participating in a War Child Australia fundraising activity or organising your own event
  • purchase any of the ‘Girls Night In’ or ‘Kids Night In’ book series whose royalties are donated to War Child Australia

Donating to War Child

Your donation will go to where it’s needed most – directly to War Child’s field projects.  War Child Australia is entirely run by volunteers so by keeping administrative costs to a bare minimum, 99% of monies received go to programs helping children affected by war.

Donations can be made by:

  • Cheque made payable to War Child Australia, posted to:
        War Child Australia
        PO Box Q551
      QVB NSW 1230
  • Direct deposit into the following bank account:
        War Child Australia Developing Countries Aid Fund
        BSB: 034 000
      Account No: 277240

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.  Keep your receipt from War Child Australia to support your claim.

Fundraising for War Child

Thinking of fundraising for us?  Contact us to find out about fundraising activities you can participate in or ideas on how to organise your own fundraising event.

Available volunteer positions

Interested in making an ongoing contribution to War Child Australia’s work?  We are currently seeking people to fill the following volunteer positions:

Communications specialist: Our media and communications team could use an extra pair of hands. Ideally you will have corporate or not-for-profit experience in media content development and PR management.

To apply for a role, please email us your resume.

adminHow you can help

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